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Lace Pocket Bands
Lace Pocket Bands
Lace Pocket Bands
Lace Pocket Bands
Lace Pocket Bands

Lace Pocket Bands

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Save your Phone this summer!

Are you one of those who chafe their inner thighs just because of walking or running? We give you a sexy and discreet solution to inner-thigh chafing with the Lace Pocket Bands.

The Lace Pocket Bands are designed with lace material to help give a second skin to protect your thighs. They are made with hidden pockets to give you safe storage while wearing them, and silicone strips to make the bands never slip down. So whether you’re to go to a party or it’s just a normal day, they are essential this season.


  • Anti-Chafing:
  • Wear under dresses and skirts without chafing!

  • Seamless Design:
  • Invisible under your clothes, discreetly protecting you.

  • Silicone Strip:
  • Designed with two silicone strips that make the thigh belt slip-resistant.\
  • Easy Access Pocket:
  • Has a special pocket where you can store and hide small essential items like your smartphone, cards, or makeup.

  • Breathable Material:
  • Made of super thin lace making it feel like a second skin, feel like you’re not wearing anything while being protected.
  • Match With Any Outfit:
    Perfect for wearing underdresses, skirts, sportswear, and shorts to prevent chafing and also to cover some skin.


  • Materials: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex
  • Color: Black, White, Nude

  • Weight: 40g
  • Pocket Size: 10cm
  • Size: